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What is hot stamping?

At BAIER, we combine high-quality design with economical decoration. Surface finishing by hot stamping gives your products an incomparable attractiveness. The variance of looks ranges from monochrome to metallic gloss to brushed designs or chrome look. So you can make aesthetic statements on all your components.

At the same time, the hot stamping process is extremely durable, precise, economical and sustainable. Specific pre- and post-treatment of the hot-stamped parts is not necessary and further processing of the components is therefore possible directly afterwards. With advancing process innovation and automation, you can also benefit from reduced energy consumption and traceability.


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Advantages of hot stamping

  • High design variety and precision
  • Easy-to-use production process
  • Economical and sustainable decoration process

What is needed for hot stamping?


Our BAIER mechanical engineering specialists support you with customised hot stamping machines for finishing. Depending on the application specification, we develop individual machines that can be optimally integrated into existing or new production processes. Product-related parameters such as pressure, contact time and embossing temperature can thus be precisely adjusted and kept stable.


A hot stamping foil gives a product its decorative pattern. The correct placement and subsequent temperature-pressure regulation are crucial for the entire finishing process. For the design, we work hand in hand with LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG and draw on their extensive product portfolio. The development of new motifs, e.g. in your company's own corporate design, is also feasible for the film specialist.


The hot stamping die is one of the two design-generating components in hot stamping. It is matched to the product and determines the size and structure of the decoration. Complementary to this is the workpiece holder, which positions the embossed part correctly. Together they form the basic unit of the finishing process: the so-called tool. Our sister company Hinderer + Mühlich manufactures these embossing tools especially for BAIER.


BAIER brings the components machine, tool and foil together optimally. Thanks to many years of experience and constant further development, our specialists have built up unrivalled hot stamping know-how. Our team accompanies you throughout the entire project and supports you with its expertise. A lively exchange with our customers is very important to us. Because only in this way can we work efficiently and achieve the best results.

Baier supports you in the design, feasibility study, stamping trials and in the implementation.
Our team of almost 20 employees will gladly support you in project acquisition and implementation