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Pre- and post-cleaning of decorative parts.

Dust is a difficulty and challenge for any kind of printing and decoration. To complement the production process, we therefore offer suitable machines for the pre- and post-cleaning of the decorative parts.

Besides hot stamping machines, BAIER also has complete cleaning machines in its portfolio. Both the pre-cleaning of components before stamping and their post-cleaning is possible depending on the design.


The design/configuration of the machine depends on customer-specific requirements and decorative parts. Depending on the scope and design, foil scrap and/or dust are removed with compressed air, brushes, adhesive tapes or are CO² cleaned. Particularly the CO² cleaning has ... potential.

Pre-cleaning removes dust and dirt that can affect the decoration result during hot stamping. BAIER offers a wide variety of systems and solutions in this regard. With the help of post-cleaning systems, foil scrap that can be created when using chrome- or hot stamping foils with heavy paint layers is removed. The decorated parts can then be processed further without problems. BAIER offers machines for contactless cleaning with compressed air. An alternative is cleaning by brushes or adhesive tapes.

Cleaning machines can be integrated in hot stamping machines or used as separate machines.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Pre- and post-cleaning is possible
  • can be configured customer-specifically
  • cleaning with compressed air, brushes, adhesive tapes and CO²

Baier supports you in the design, feasibility study, stamping trials and in the implementation.
Our team of almost 20 employees will gladly support you in project acquisition and implementation