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Intelligent Components with Functional Foil Bonding.

Automated application of touch sensors


Thanks to the "Functional Foil Bonding" (FFB) process developed by Leonhard Kurz, you can apply PolyIC touch sensors automatically with the help of our BAIER FFB machine.

With the GEBA FFB, your plastic products are functionally enhanced by transparent conductive sensors for single or mutitouch applications. Depending on quantities and desired design, we have different machine concepts for this application. Our versatile options allow you to meet your needs and your customers' specifications:

  • No plastic outgassing during hot stamping
  • Traceability due to QR code
  • Tolerance field monitoring through use of camera systems
  • Electrical function test after application of the sensor

We offer different concepts to cover your annual component requirements.

Baier supports you in the design, feasibility study, stamping trials and in the implementation.
Our team of almost 20 employees will gladly support you in project acquisition and implementation