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For cylindrical and slightly conical components.

Peripheral rollover is an application-technical variant of stroke stamping.

In contrast to conventional stroke stamping, here the component is rolled over under a fixed die even as the stroke of the embossing unit is in extended position. Rollover takes place via a servo-driven stamping mandrel or via a roller mill.


This means that both cylindrical and slightly conical components, such as those frequently used in the cosmetics industry, can be embossed.


Predestined components

  • Eye Liner
  • Lipstick
  • Sleeves
  • Cans
  • Cover caps
  • Number rollers, number ring

Due to automated part feeding and part storage in hoppers or vibratory conveyors (bulk material), as well as a corresponding part discharge system, up to 2000 parts per hour can be decorated, depending on the machine concept.


Your benefits at a glance

  • up to 2000 components per hour
  • compact design
  • produce small batch sizes economically and cost-effectively

Baier supports you in the design, feasibility study, stamping trials and in the implementation.
Our team of almost 20 employees will gladly support you in project acquisition and implementation