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Ideal for small batches and trial stamping.

Manual hot stamping machines

Despite increasing full automation, manual stamping machines are still used in many parts of the industrial world today. These machines are in great demand, especially for decorating small batches and/or making initial test stampings. They are characterised primarily by short setup times, easy handling and flexibility in the stamping process.

Fields of application for manually operated hot stamping machines are the graphics industry (decoration of paper, cardboard, posters, etc.) as well as the leather and plastics industry. No matter whether you want to enhance your products with or without foil (blind embossing), these machines are a good possibility to realise your projects.


Stamping forces of up to 40kN and stamping areas of 210x300mm (y/x) are no problem for our manually operated hot stamping machines. With an outreach of up to 320 mm, even very large embossed goods can be enhanced by hot stamping.

In addition to embossing stamps made of silicone or metal, freely combinable embossing types or embossing tools can also be used on these machines.

Embossing types are individual, sharp-edged engraved embossing stamps that leave legible sunken embossing in graphics, leather and plastics. Through your individual combination options, you can identify your workpieces with the help of our embossing types made of steel or brass variably with character combinations of numbers and letters as well as special characters and logos. Enhance your products flexibly with single or multi-line lettering in the desired font size and font. The corresponding clamping frames for your embossing types are also individually designed for your decoration requirements. Single-line, multiline or even a rotatable (up to 360°) version of the clamping frame is possible.

Embossing tools, which can also be equipped with automatic indexing, are a suitable solution mainly for decorating your products with part numbers, drawing numbers, batch numbers, manufacturing data and individual designations. The embossing tools are adapted for you depending on the application. Whether you need a purely numerical sequence or also a combination with letters/special characters, the embossing tools are designed according to your wishes. This allows you to achieve an optimum result, in terms of quality assurance and product liability, with a minimum expenditure of time.

Your benefits at a glance

  • short setup times
  • easy handling
  • highly felxible

Baier supports you in the design, feasibility study, stamping trials and in the implementation.
Our team of almost 20 employees will gladly support you in project acquisition and implementation