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Surface enhancement is an important part of product design in many industries. We at BAIER not only develop machines for thousands of hot stamping applications, we are also your competent partner for all questions concerning “hot stamping foil”. Together, we will find the suitable stamping foil for your desired decor.

Whether metallised or pigmented stamping foils, we have everything in our range and will find the right foil for your application and requirements.

Metallised stamping foils

Real Aluminium Decors

Real aluminium decors are suitable for all areas of the graphics and plastic processing industry. They are particularly suitable for applications in the radio/TV, automotive, furniture and plastic picture frame industry.

Stamping foils are available in gold tones, silver tones and bright metallic colours. 

Brushed decors

All brushed stamping foils can be embossed on common plastics (PVC, ABS, PS, PMMA) and on polyolefins (PP, PE) equally well and with sharp edges. Despite their many advantages, metallised stamping foils are the ones that allow cost-effective production.

The foils have a pronounced metallic and mirror effect. The noticeable brushed texture is deceptively real.

Real chrome decors 

Chrome foils give products a special value and elegance. Stamping foils from the chrome range are available in different designs and effects. Choose between glossy, semi-matt and brushed finishes. Chrome transfer is also possible on painted surfaces. Chrome decors are characterised by resistance to abrasion and cream. The high corrosion protection withstands even extreme moisture, strong UV radiation and high humidity. Decorative chrome plating is particularly environmentally friendly; the processor does not have to comply with REACH/ECHA requirements or disposal processes.

Additional plus point: Dry chrome plating is also used effectively for backlit parts. On request, the desired metallisation can be carried out not only over the entire surface, but also selectively. In contrast to complex electroplating baths, the decoration with chrome stamping foils can be easily transferred to suit any customer requirement: It can be done directly in the company with the hot stamping machine. Thus even small quantities can be produced easily and quickly.

Color foils

Partial Decoration
Matt and shiny colour decorations on paper and plastic

The stamping foils are available in all colours of the rainbow and in many different qualities. They enhance decorations on paper, cardboard and plastic. The foils are available in matt and glossy.

Stamping foils are universally applicable. They enable impressive decoration results even on materials that are difficult to emboss. Whether on book covers, labels, lipstick tubes or disposable syringes.

Full-surface applications
Decoration of full surfaces

Whenever full-surface decorations have to be applied using the roll-on method, UNICOLOR stamping foils are the right choice. Among other things, they are used for housings of electronic devices, for loudspeakers, plastic sheets (engraving industry) and extrusion profiles. UNICOLOR foils are available in all current colours and optics.

Many UNICOLOR designs are suitable for first and second surface applications. The stamping foils are suitable for a wide variety of substrates and processing methods.

Would you like to know more about unlimited design possibilities for your product? Contact our experts:

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