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Decorate plastic product variants efficiently - Hybrid machine BINSPIRE for hot-stamping decoration and digital printing 

Variety meets individuality


Whether washing machine, car, laptop, or vacuum cleaner: A variety of models and the option for individual customization are more important to customers than ever. In order for appliances, consumer electronics, vehicles, and beauty products to meet this demand, you as a manufacturer face the challenge of making customized products as cost-efficiently as possible. With the BAIER hybrid machine BINSPIRE, we provide a world first that efficiently combines hot-stamping decoration with digital printing.

The innovative BAIER hybrid machine BINSPIRE has two decoration stations: A hot-stamping unit and a module for digital process color printing plus white.

Both decoration processes are flexible in sequence and can be run in a single work step. The component to be decorated is only inserted once into the jig. This hybrid machine BINSPIRE provides you with a variety of options for efficient realization of designs and custom labeling of different models, small runs, and customized products.

The hot-stamping unit: Greater design quality

The hot-stamping unit is equipped with a specially developed embossing drum that can accommodate four precision hot-stamping dies from the KURZ subsidiary Hinderer + Mühlich. It also contains two foil-advance units. The four stamping dies can be flexibly assigned to both film webs. This means that different hot-stamping designs can be processed in a single operation. Various metallized designs in a perfect chrome or aluminum look, holographic designs, or surfaces that look deceptively real like wood, carbon, marble, or mother of pearl are possible.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Two foil-advance units with new modular quick-change system for roller changes
  • Four different stamping motifs on both film webs, individually applicable
  • Upgraded stamping drum with energy-efficient direct heating system
  • New quick-change die system for toolless motif change
  • Central motif and system control via wireless control panel


CMYK + white digital printing unit: Crisp and clean customization

The second decoration station of the hybrid machine is a CMYK + white digital printing unit. It prints crisp and clean onto plastic substrates, for example, even if the component is black. If products or small runs are to be supplied for specific market segments, an identical component can be mass produced and subsequently provided with model-specific decoration using digital printing.


Your benefits at a glance

  •  Razor-sharp images in 600 dot-per-inch resolution
  •  Decoration of contour parts possible
  •  Unlimited variety of motifs
  •  Additional print head for white colour can be integrated to increase the contrast of the printing colour to the substrate if required

IMD UNIFY – highly durable design add-on, even for small runs

If you want to optimize adhesion of digital printing to sophisticated post-cure surfaces and improve effciency and design performance even for short runs, combine BAIER Hybrid with KURZ IMD UNIFY. This innovative solution enables high-resistance IMD decorations to be subsequently and efficiently overprinted with UV ink when a great deal of leeway for customization plays an important role, while at the same time requiring a high level of durability.


Baier supports you in the design, feasibility study, stamping trials and in the implementation.
Our team of almost 20 employees will gladly support you in project acquisition and implementation