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Setting new standards in hot-stamping technology

Efficient, energy-saving, sustainable: these are the expectations placed on tomorrow's plastic finishing. At the same time, the decoration should be high-quality, resistant and a real visual highlight. How can all of these requirements be reconciled? At FAKUMA 2023 in Friedrichshafen, we presented you with solutions that build precisely this bridge.

Perfect for e-mobility: Sophisticated decoration for 3D-deformed components

You will already be familiar with our reliable GEBA 8/1S machine – tried and tested in practice and ideally tailored to the needs of customers. Now it’s time to move into the next stage: At FAKUMA, we will be presenting the modified GEBA 8/1S, which is particularly suitable for the use of LEONHARD KURZ’s enhanced hot stamping PERFORMANCE+ process.

Benefits of Hot Stamping PERFORMANCE+

  • Innovative vacuum technology opens new doors
  • Flexible finishing of 3D-deformed components – such as aerodynamic rims for electric vehicles
  • Sustainable alternative to conventional electroplating, implemented entirely without environmentally harmful chrome VI

Sustainable added value with minimal effort

And best of all, you can easily upgrade your current GEBA machine for the hot stamping PERFORMANCE+ process. An addition is all that is required.



Sustainability across the board – with our BAIER installation unit

How can recycled plastics be decorated to a high standard so that they are in no way inferior to new material? We provide the answer to this question together with our parent company KURZ and partner company ARBURG at FAKUMA.

BAIER machine– the module for inline working

  • The BAIER machine works hand in hand with the injection molding system from ARBURG, the ALLROUNDER 920 H
  • For more information on inline machines, contact BAIER

KURZ Machine Insight Services

Artificial intelligence to enhance your machine 


Verkürzen Sie Einrichtungszeiten und steigern Sie die Effizienz: Um Ihnen während des gesamten Produktionsprozesses optimale Unterstützung zu bieten, hat unsere Tochtergesellschaft KURZ DIGITAL eine neue Software speziell für Maschinen entwickelt. Das Programm erfasst, analysiert und bewertet Prozessdaten, um wertvolle Erkenntnisse zu gewinnen.

Ihre Vorteile:

  • Verbesserte Prozesssicherheit Ihrer Heißprägemaschinen
  • Minimieren Sie Ausfallzeiten
  • Maximierte Effektivität Ihrer Maschinen


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Always there for you: BAIER Service

From the initial inquiry to the starting of the machine on site, the following process support and machine adjustments to maintenance or spontaneous use during a machine standstill: We support you as a competent and reliable partner throughout the entire journey. Our services include:

  • Annual maintenance of your machines
  • Spare part and consumable packages so you can react quickly when needed
  • Training for your staff
  • Hotline advice for quick support
  • Everything from a single source


Do you have any other questions? Let’s talk – we look forward to hearing from you!

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