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Service could not be faster!

Thanks to Remote Service, the downtime of your BAIER machine can be kept as low as possible. Many problems can be solved without the need for technicians.

Should on-site service be necessary, your BAIER expert will have all the necessary information even before the trip begins, so that the service can be performed quickly and efficiently.

BAIER Remote Service thus increases the availability of your equipment and saves time and costs.

How Remote Service works

Step 1: You simply start the service call via the app.
In case of a malfunction, just grab your smartphone or tablet and start the "Remote Xpert App". The software automatically identifies customer and machine by a QR code.

Step 2: Direct connection to the appropriate expert. Worldwide.
The RemoteXpert sorts your request and assigns it to the appropriate expert. Wherever you are in the world. Then, the online videoconference starts.

Step 3: Direct troubleshooting
The expert can determine the error directly together with the customer via video transmission.

Step 4: Online assistance.
The expert maps the solution path for immediate troubleshooting online on the screen. Additionally, he can give instructions via chat.

The instructions for downloading the Remote Service App can be found here:

Your benefits at a glance

  • No time loss

  • Low downtime of the machine

  • Economical solution

  • Audiovisual communication, avoiding misunderstandings

  • Automatic connection to the right expert