Large Decorating Surfaces

Semi-automatic machines, large-sized variant

Optimal technical design, high stamping force, and high precision: That's what the larger product ranges of our semi-automatic machines are known for. The area to be stamped can be as large as a maximum of 500 x 700 mm. A maximum usable pressure of 400 KN can be built up in a very dynamic fashion. The machines are motor-driven by a toggle-lever, which is why they operate quietly and quickly - in addition to being low on maintenance and inexpensive to run.

This machine range is used for bookbinding, leather processing or the manufacturing of membrane (foil) keypads and similar products. Our customers use them to stamp/punch large paper, cardboard or leather formants or to deform cuttings. The machines are usually operated in a semi-automatic manner with manual loading and unloading. However, it is also possible to integrate the units into complete production lines and to use them all around the world – for example for the production of passports. 

We offer the following variants of the machines:

GEBA 77/5   – 100 KN – 210 x 300 mm

GEBA 77/15 – 200 KN – 300 x 400 mm

GEBA 77/40 – 400 KN – 500 x 700 mm