Real-Chrome Decors


Chrome surfaces bestow an added feeling of value and elegance upon your products. The stamping foils of our chrome range are available in many different designs and effects. Choose from glossy, semi-matte and brushed finishes. The chrome transfer can also be applied to painted surfaces. Chrome decors are characterized by their resistance to abrasion and creams. The high degree of corrosion protection ensures durability even in case of extremely wet conditions, strong UV radiation and high air humidity. Our chrome decors are particularly friendly to the environment. Users are not required to adhere to REACH/ECHA regulations or special waste disposal processes.


An additional benefit: The dry chroming process is also effective with backlit parts. On customer request, the desired metallization can also be applied selectively and not across the entire surface. Unlike expansive electroplating baths, decorations achieved using chrome stamping foils can easily be adapted to any customer requirement: The method can be used directly at the company using the special hot stamping machine. In this way, even small quantities can be produced quickly and easily.