Partial Decoration / COLORIT®

Matte and gloss color decorations on paper and plastic

Our color foils from the COLORIT® range are known throughout the world: These stamping foils are available in all colors of the rainbow and in many different quality grades. They are used to refine decorations on paper, cardboard and plastic. Our COLORIT® 800 series is your solution for glossy enamel colors; matte color films, on the other hand, are provided by our COLORIT® 900 series.


Stamping foils from our COLORIT® range are universally usable. They allow for convincing decorative results, even on materials that are usually considered hard to stamp or emboss. No matter whether you're handling book covers, labels, lipstick tubes or syringes: Our stamping foils are easy to process, abrasion-resistant and offer a good coverage.


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