Real-Aluminum Decors


LUXOR® and ALUFIN® are the internationally renowned brand names of our high-quality aluminum-metalized stamping foils. This leading position on the market is the result of decades of research and development in combination with the most modern production techniques known today. Stamping foils from the LUXOR® range are available in gold tones as well as colorized metal tones. The metalized stamping foils from the ALUFIN® range are exclusively available in silver tones.


The LUXOR®/ALUFIN® range offers a comprehensive and well coordinated spectrum of different qualities and colors. The real aluminum decors are suitable for all areas of the graphic and plastic processing industries. For the latter, a special variant has even been developed: The "SLM" foils. They are particularly suitable for applications in the radio, TV, automotive, furniture and plastic image bar industries.


The range of properties of these foils is precisely matched to the respective application areas: This applies to the way they separate from the carrier, the edge sharpness, surface stamping property, adhesion, temperature resistance, abrasion and scratch resistance as well as the physical and chemical resistance.


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